We apply a unique, results-oriented consulting approach.


Our strong believe is that modern consulting has changed from just "being smarter", i.e. very analytical, strategic and conceptual, to adding specific and senior consultant expertise in order to
  • Provide specific knowledge in extraordinary situations of a company
  • Deliver tangible and fast results.
Hence, we have decided to staff our teams exclusively with consultants who have a solid training in top management consulting as well as successful track records of management carreers in our focus industries (high tech as well as production companies).
We operate in small, very experienced teams with a strong focus and track record in implementation. Our team comprises of experts which cover almost all expertise areas across all value creation dimensions. And given the managerial backgrounds of our consultants, we are prepared to take managerial responsibility in an ad interim status if needed.
With this foundation, we are well positioned and strongly committed to tangible, sustainable and fast results.

Based in Munich (Germany), we are engaged in assignments throughout Europe.